Property Evaluation Overview

The Evaluation Process

Foundation Land Partners will provide you a free evaluation of your property, upon request, if there are solar panels, wind turbines or utility scale batteries on or nearby your land.

What will Foundation Land Partners do in an evaluation?

  • Foundation’s team of experienced landmen will analyze lease agreements and any other relevant documents pertaining to the renewable energy equipment
  • Foundation has the capability to quickly provide you a bona-fide offer to purchase your property

Foundation and its partners have an extensive track record evaluating and buying property.

How the Process Works

Step 1

After you submit your information, one of the Foundation team members will reach out as soon as possible to confirm specific details about your property

Step 2

Once Foundation has the details necessary to evaluate your property, Foundation will conduct its evaluation process and revert to you with a bona-fide cash offer as soon as possible, typically within five business days

Step 3

If you agree to sell your property to Foundation, the terms of the sale will be formalized in a Purchase and Sale Agreement (“PSA”) signed by you and Foundation

Step 4

The PSA will include specific details outlining the timing of closing and diligence requirements thereof*

Step 5

You will receive the agreed-upon cash consideration for your property at closing of the transaction

*Generally, Foundation aims to close transactions within 30 days of PSA execution, subject to completion of due diligence items such as title/ownership confirmation, third party appraisal, and confirmation of payments received from solar or wind facility operators

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