About Us

Foundation Land Partners is a privately held real estate investment company based in Dallas and Austin, Texas.

If you are interested in selling your property that has wind energy, solar energy, or energy storage equipment on it or nearby, Foundation Land Partners is the right partner. We have both the corporate integrity and the financial strength to provide you with the most competitive value for your land and to complete the transaction quickly and efficiently.


The Values of Foundation Land Partners:


We will provide you with a fair and honest evaluation of your property, and we are keenly focused keeping our commitments to the property owners we deal with.


We will respond to you in a timely fashion and communicate clearly.


We respect that every property owner faces a unique set of circumstances, both financial and otherwise.

Foundation’s Commitment to Landowners

Foundation will listen and learn about the specific circumstances of each property owner to determine the range of possible alternatives.

Foundation will work to create a custom-tailored, win-win solution.
Foundation is willing to offer lump-sum cash payments today.
Foundation is committed to running a quick, efficient, and painless transaction process.
Foundation is committed to ensuring property owners understand all aspects of the transaction and being available to answer any questions and provide solutions.