Why should I sell my land or lease interest?

Different landowners have different reasons to sell. Perhaps you need to fund a life event, such as college tuitions. Or you intend to set up a legacy fund for future generations. You may simply want to take cash out of land you are not using, in order to convert an illiquid asset into other more liquid investments. You may also want to sell land that is a source of burdensome tax expense or other costs.

Why Sell?

How does the process work if I am interested?
How much money can I make?

Foundation Land Partners is willing to provide you with a free evaluation, upon request, of your property. As part of the evaluation, Foundation Land Partners will provide you a bona fide offer to purchase your property.

Property Evaluation Overview

Can I lease or sell a portion of my property and continue to live or work on the rest of it?

Foundation is willing to work with you to find a custom-tailored, win-win liquidity solution that fits your situation. Communicate your specific needs during the evaluation process, and Foundation will incorporate them into its evaluation and proposal.