Do you have solar panels or wind turbines on your land?
Would you like to stop spending money on the taxes or avoid the hassle involved with managing that land?
Not sure how to sell, lease, or simply get paid for your land?

Foundation Land Partners will evaluate your property, for free, with no obligation.

Foundation Land Partners is a real estate investment company focused on the purchase of land and other property interests associated with renewable energy. Privately held, we are a trustworthy partner for property owners who may be interested in achieving liquidity by selling their land or solar or wind lease to us.

We are interested in acquiring land interests or leases from property owners who have any sort of renewable energy-related infrastructure on their property – solar panels, wind turbines or utility-scale batteries.

Are you a property owner interested in an evaluation of your land or ground lease?

What are the types of renewable energy facilities that might belong on your land?